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Sneaking up on the 11foot8 bridge

On Avenida Isla Verde. I stayed at the Villa Verde Inn . There's a lot of competition, especially among the small outfits. There are at least 10 other inns of that size. It depends on what you expect from a stay. I paid 79 for a room with AC, MW, fridge and two double beds. It was what they had. Supposedly rooms start at $69 but at 2am with NO reservation ... The room was clean, spartan, beds kinda hard, linen kinda worn. Almost more like a hostel. Breakfast was pastries and orange juice or fresh brewed coffee. The staff was nice/friendly and helpful. Tons of restaurants in the area and the beach is a short walk from the strip. Esmond is close by. Some of the pricier hotels (there is at least one casino) may even have shuttles to and from. There's a free shuttle bus that operates in the tourist area but I found it somewhat unreliable. If you arrive during daylight or will be leaving later in the afternoon, Pinones is gorgeous and chock full of what are ed friquitines - rustic eateries featuring local seafood and food that is as authentic as it gets.



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